About us

About us

Who we are

Booper Tales is a name inspired by our dog which loves to go on all kinds of adventures with us, boop and kiss people's faces (not always in a very delicate way).

Gaia, our red and white Border Collie, is a genius dog who really loves to play. She knows the names of over 180 toys (and counting), and we're so proud of the cooperative and respectful relationship we've built with her. She doesn't speak, but she communicates with us all the time.

We're a multispecies family, originally from São Paulo/Brazil, and we're living in London since September 2022. Isa is a human rights lawyer and Rapha is an engineer and works with artificial intelligence. We're not professionals in the dog training field, but we're positive training enthusiasts, fascinated by inter-species communication.

We want to share a little bit of our history, our daily life and some tips with you. We hope you'll enjoy getting to know us and our furry friend, Gaia!

Our History

We (Isa and Rapha) have always loved dogs and always wanted one, but our parents wouldn't let us. We met in 2008 in London at an exchange organised by our school. We became friends and started dating in 2010.

Eight years later we decided to move in together, already sure that we would have a dog. On the day of the move, we chose Gaia and started to prepare ourselves (with lots of online videos, training courses, buying items for the puppy, etc.). Two months later, Gaia arrived and put our routine upside down. That little ball of fur full of energy that bit and herded us, peed on the sofa, and cried when left alone made us (especially Isa) question if we had made the right choice, and if Gaia would be happy.

This despair made us look for professional help. We hired a positive trainer (the best decision we ever made), who helped us build a routine that would work for everyone, fitting into the humans' daily routine, but catering to Gaia's needs. She also taught us about dog language and effective communication and was always encouraging us to stimulate Gaia mentally.

This was how we built, little by little (with a lot of patience and persistence, by the way), the relationship and routine we have today, of which we are so proud.